Office Fitouts | Sydney, We’ve Proven Our Value

Delivering on time, and on budget, we will answer your every question, and keep you informed throughout this creative journey. We provide you with certain commitments, encourage your careful selection and want you to be empowered to make the best decision possible. To learn more, read on.

Office Fitouts | Our Commitments are Worth Noting

After 30 years of constructing and refurbishing Sydney’s business and corporate landscape, we’ve realised there are some core issues almost every playmaker wants and deserves clarity on. We’ll revisit some issues elsewhere of course, but here’s some headline items:

1. No Price Changes: Once you accept a proposal, there will be no price change – guaranteed.

2. Fast Completion: We don’t overload our team with multiple jobs and we don’t string jobs out. You’ve got a business to run and you need the work done fast!

3. One-Stop Solutions: We handle every fitout component in the process: design advice, costings, suppliers,, project management

4. Diverse Capabilities: Our diverse skill sets and experience means we can do almost anything you desire. Whether you need have an office fitout, showroom, boardroom, mezzanine, reception area, staff room, breakout room, we can do it, and do it well!

5. Fair Pricing: We’re NOT the cheapest (there we said it), but we’re also not a national giant, so we aren’t squeezed by investors to screw down for every dollar. We’re fair and we work smart. You will get a fair price for exceptional quality.

6. Hands-On Personal Care: We’ve been doing office fitouts in Sydney for three decades, and much of our work has come through referral. We genuinely care about treating you well and doing everything we can to make the entire experience a satisfying journey.

7. Quality Assurance and Control that is Exceeded by None: We only operate in Sydney, so we care about our reputation more than many.

8. Fully Licenced, Insured and Backed: We have all the necessary registrations, licences and insurances. This is what we do, so you’re free to do what you do too.

9. Willing to Help Where-Ever We Can: Small job or large, ask us about your office fitout options. We started out small, so we look after small business. We’ve also grown into a place where we can handle large projects. We’ve willing and able to assess your office fitout project no matter what the size or scope of the mission.

10. The Initial Consultation is Free of Expectation, Obligation or Fee. Guaranteed.

Office Fitouts | Sydney Businesses Beware

The truth is, our industry is highly unregulated, so outside of a specific and pursuable contract breach, it’s easy to get burnt. This is especially true in a city as large as Sydney. There’s plenty of room for ‘shonks’ to operate, and they have little to fear in exploiting a customer (or fifty) in the interest of a quicker buck.

This of course makes customers vulnerable.

Tasis Partitions doesn’t have exclusivity on quality, price, service, experience or integrity – but we DO deliver them all!

If not, and you want to learn more, read on.

Office Fitouts | Choosing Your Office Fit out Provider


To select a supplier and also ensure you receive what you actually desire, consider these office fitout supplier selection tips:

  1. Choose a provider that has an established client base, and a verifiable portfolio of images and testimonials to back up their claims .
  2. Ensure all your questions and concerns are covered during the consultation, scoping and design phases. Ensure you being asked good questions as well as being provided with thorough and detailed answers.
  3. Check that your fit out contract covers all the deliverables and terms, in detail, and also ensure you’re given adequate time to peruse the fine print. You want thorough and total transparency to help you secure needed piece-of-mind.

We know some of this seems obvious, however such things can be easily overlooked amidst the cut and thrust, survive and thrive pressures of doing business in Sydney. Even for a seasoned veteran, experienced in tendering processes and supplier selection, significant issues can ‘slip through to the keeper’, so to speak.

Also, it’s worth noting that Tasis Partitions operates only in Sydney, and we have a history and reputation that is worth protecting. We not only answer every question, but we prompt you with the ones we think you might have missed.

When we mention ‘details’ in items 2 and 3 above, we encourage you to:

  1. Ensure all questions are answered honestly and completely (and you should follow up any hunch that this might not be the case),
  2. Insist that any specific deliverables arising from your discussions are scoped and documented in your contract document. Beware the throw-away line of, “Sure, we can do that.”

Office Fitouts | Addressing Your Circle of Care


We recognise that there is a team of people who need to be looked after; your management, administrators, project officers, accounts people and all your staff have a specific contribution and also specific needs.

We call these needs, and these people, your Circle-of-Care. Rest assured, we make them our Circle-of-Care as well!

Bottom line (well, almost): we’re thorough, affordable, effective … and we’ve proven it time and again.

Hornsby to Waterfall, Bondi to Penrith … We’re Sydney’s Best Choice!

We’ve learnt a few things in more than 30 years of delivering office fitouts and partitions. If you have a question, don’t hesitate! We’ll do our very best to answer every enquiry, clarify every doubt and accommodate every need.

Call (02) 9546 1500 or complete the Contact Request Form . Together, we can make ‘that’ look your office reality!