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Aluminium office partitions, also referred to as demountable partitions, provide your business with versatility and adaptability. Modern businesses are constantly changing and advancing, and as a result, so will your workspace. We understand that you will occasionally hire new employees, alter your office layout, or seek a new lease. Our aluminium and glass-framed office partitions are the ideal solution because they are simple to instal and can be moved as your workspace evolves. This makes them a wiser investment than traditional permanent structures, which are frequently less time- and cost-efficient and cannot be relocated as your business evolves!

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Aluminium office wall partitions are one of the most cost efficient and flexible of all our partitioning ranges. Aluminium office partitions are quick to install and easy to maintain; they are extremely strong, easily moveable and demountable. It gives good fire performance for up to one hour and high levels of sound insulation.

What Are Aluminum Office Partitions

A framed aluminum partition wall is an ideal way to divide offices or workspaces, or to create attractive areas for displaying products. It is easy to install panels that are easy to demount or move as needed.

Aluminum partitioning systems are extremely versatile and easy to install, demount and move as you please. They can be installed as single units or as large units. They are also easy to install, and they provide great security.

Aluminum Glass Partition - Projects of All Sizes Welcome

Tasis Office Partitions are practical, stylish and will last for many years. The varied designs that are possible with our products, their high-quality materials and the ability to create very attractive partitions are what makes them popular.

Easy to fit, clear, insulated glass walls with aluminium are very popular, and we provide all the products that make it possible to accomplish such a office renovation project. Installation of the systems does not take a lot of time, and they are very adaptable in difficult spaces. We have designed aluminum partitions that are strong enough to support the loads that are added to them by the exterior walls. Therefore, windows in offices and houses are the ideal choice for areas where there are no ceilings. Aluminium partitions allow you to divide your office space into different areas of use, reducing the need for creating open spaces and facilitating the passage of light.

Our aluminium partitions are designed and manufactured right here in Australia and have all the qualities that are valued by buyers of office and home partitions.

Aluminium partition cost

You may be asking yourself: How much does an aluminium partition cost? How much does an aluminium partition cost  per square meter of space? This question is not easy to answer. It involves many factors that are difficult to quantify. There will be many different variables that will determine the cost of your aluminium office partition. You might get several quotes to try and get a better idea of what each quote will cost you — but what do they mean? Are they really comparable? What do they mean? What kind of services are you receiving? Which price is right? What are you getting for your money? Knowing what these terms mean and how you should interpret them will help you in choosing the best office aluminium partition for your business.

Average Aluminium Partition Costs

  • $900 – 1600 Per Square Metre (ex. GST)
  • These figures are intended as a guide only!
  • Price guides are not actual pricing, please call for a quote.

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