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Demounting office partitions can be done quickly and easily and leaves no messy or wet marks when removed. It will help you to save time and money and it allows you to perform a quick clean up. The partitions remain totally clean when they are removed, which is very useful if you wish to change the layout of your office.

Demountable office partitions are easy to install, remove or extend an office easily and quickly around office staff, meaning less disruption to your business.

Flexible Commercial & Office Demountable Partition


Demountable partitioning is an important part of any work environment. It is easy to install and remove office partition systems and screens, which is how many of our clients choose to suit their businesses. They are flexible enough to adapt to the needs and requirements of any workspace.

Tasis Office Partitions Sydney have been providing top-quality demountable office partitions throughout Sydney for more than a decade. Since 1994, we have developed a reputation for quality and being able to provide partitioning services that are unrivalled and highly valued.

What Are Demountable Glass Partitions

Demountable glass partitions, are simply glass walls that you can take down and reinstall in a different way depending on the current needs of your business or office. They have a track that makes it easy to move them easily. Cleaning up after using them is as easy as removing a single object. This allows you to easily build glass wall systems that can easily be moved around your business.

demountable office walls - Projects of All Sizes Welcome

Our offices are designed to be functional, well equipped, attractive, productive and visually appealing. Whatever the project may be, we are always happy to assist in the design and creation of beautiful, useful and beautiful demountable office walls for your work environments.

Demountable wall partitions are a highly adaptable solution, allowing your space to adapt to your evolving needs. Additionally, this type of partitioning is ideal for creating seasonal or temporary spaces.

Demountable office Partition cost


Flexible, demounting partitions are more cost efficient than using conventional partitions to create additional space in your office. If you lease your office, you can also move with your partitioning if you change locations.

Average Demountable Partitioning Costs

  • $900 – 1600 Per Square Metre (ex. GST)
  • These figures are intended as a guide only!
  • Price guides are not actual pricing, please call for a quote.

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