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glass office partitions

They Improve Functionality, Utilise Natural Light, Increase Privacy and reduce Power and maintenance ongoing costs

Tasis Office Partitions Sydney supplies and fits glass office partitions and other components required in an office fit-out. As we design and build, we can assist you to make your office space look amazing.

Glazed office partitions can make your office look bigger, and can create a feeling of openness and collaboration among office staff. They are also an excellent feature for adding extra storage space, and can be fitted with privacy films or window blinds for extra privacy. Can also be fitted with curtains or even window blinds to give an illusion of even more privacy.

Every business in this interesting time needs to be as efficient as possible. Using the light offered by the sun to light as much of an office as possible helps reduce the need for more artificial lighting, allows for more office plants that provide quality air filtration and give the ability to offer better privacy. Its a winning concept no matter which way you look at it.

Provide the Perfect Workspace with glass partitions walls in Sydney

Frameless glass partitions can create a modern appearance and increase the value of an office space. The appearance of openness created by frameless partitions can make your office look larger.

Our glass office partitions could be a great way to keep your functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. 

After spending some time with our expert Jim, you will have the best idea of the possible solutions you can choose from for your situation.

Apart from providing a remarkable look, glass walls are often a financially-friendly method of dividing your workspaces. 

Our tradesmen have the ability to set up glass walls quickly and effectively.  

We can install fixed glass walls, office partitioning and shop front aluminium and glass keeping your requirements in mind.


Frameless Glass Office Partitions Improve Function Without Loss Of Style

Sydney glass office walls are one of the easiest methods to create two separate spaces. They can also be used to block off a location without the needing to use plasterboard, timber and paint.

A glass partition can be set up in established areas or can create a new location. One of the crucial benefits of glass partitions is that they allow natural light to travel through whilst still supplying the impact of a wall by separating the area and adding a smooth high-end touch.

Whether setting up a bold style plan or including a panel of innovative protection in your office or home, glass walls and partitions are a remarkable choice. Dealing with a range of contemporary materials and designs, we have the ability to custom-made design, manufacture and set up glass walls, and partitions to please any set of requirements and requirements.

Internal Partitioning for Sydney Business Premises

One of Tasis’s primary services is the creation of office partitions. Our team can design a system that blends in seamlessly with your business premises in Sydney, whether you need a single room partitioned or an entire office partitioned.

Tasis has refused to follow the industry trend of delegating all tasks to subcontractors. We would rather have direct control. This method reduces client and project risk, allowing us to provide innovative office partition systems.


Tasis understands the importance of working with clients. We understand that involving our clients in the construction process is the most effective way to meet their needs. We collaborate with you at every stage of the construction process, from project inception to project completion.

Working alongside clients has helped us become one of the most trusted building companies in the industry. We are well-known for completing projects on time and within budget. Installing office partition systems is a complicated process, but Tasis can handle it with ease.


Our office partition system, which has been successfully installed in some of the Sydney’s most prestigious workspaces, is your best choice for a premium interior fitout. No worries if you already have architects and designers on staff. We welcome collaboration with third parties.

Plasterers, painters, and other highly skilled tradespeople make up our team. Having a partition system built by such a multidisciplinary team allows for more creative and innovative freedom. Rather than outsourcing tasks, we can provide a more customised service by completing everything ourselves.


When it comes to budgeting, Tasis is extremely strict. Keeping a close eye on expenses is central to everything we do, so there will be no surprises.

Frosted Glass Partitions Provide That Corporate Style

We offer numerous kinds of glass partitions to give your space an impressive appearance without losing its function.

Frosted Glass Partitions are a very popular choice for businesses who want to maximise their natural lighting, give a spacious feeling and provide privacy when needed. 

Frosted Glass Partitions give the choice of a plain frosted finish, frosting with a pattern or even with your logo cut out or etched into it. These creative expressions in your frosting can really make a room stand out in the memory of those who walk through it.

Our meticulous window frosting specialist uses the best quality Window Frosting on the market to ensure you get the maximum life from your frosting.

We steer clear of that cheap nasty frosting many others are supplying, frosting which usually peels or cracks within 2-3 years of installation. 

Create a space that office staff will love

We provide high-quality office partitioning systems installed using time-tested methods honed through years of experience in the partitioning industry. We can install the following varieties of office partitions:

A Team Focused on Excellence

Apart from Jim having 35+ years of experience in his field, it is the relationships with the right manufacturers and suppliers that sets Tasis Partitions above its competitors. Jim’s choice of team members is key as well, the team at Tasis Partitions work together like a well-oiled machine to produce a final product that pushed past expectations.

Our team of professionals will direct you through all of your requirements and needs with equivalent attention to detail, and friendly service beginning with the production process to the final installation. We have knowledge in offering glass wall, glass partition and door partition solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout the Sydney area. All of our glass walls and partitions please or surpass all present Australian standards, providing you with the peace of mind that your house or company is safe.

Floor to ceiling glass office partitions Sydney

Being able to give employees their own private workspace is one of the best ways to improve their productivity, and one of the best ways to do this is to install floor to ceiling partition glass walls. Office partitioning allows staff to work quieter without being distracted by office noise, and also allows them to feel more comfortable whilst working in their own offices. These stylish office partitions come in ten incredibly attractive colours and are perfect for creating the perfect environment for work.

Glazed Partitions Installed For Office

We provide and install framed and frameless glass partitions, as well as single- and double-glazed and frosted glass partitions.

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