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Office Partitions & Walls - Supply and Install

As Part of Your Overall Office Layout, Office Partitioning Entails Building Office Spaces Using Glass or Plasterboard Walls, With Doors and Services Installed as Needed.

Our office partitions are used as a high level of finish on offices or where you want to add a high quality finish to your office partitions.

The Perfect Office Walls & Partitions For Your Space

With our modern and creative ideas, we can deliver a solution that satisfies your needs regardless of the office fit out design.

The use of office partitions provides working spaces with lots of natural light and style. Given how chic and contemporary their workplaces are, many businesses are adopting the trend.

You can select the panels you want from a variety of options at Tasis Office Partitions to help you create the most functional workspace possible.

Ceiling To Floor Office Partition Walls

Tasis Office Partitions has a large selection of office wall systems that can be custom built to suit your needs, such as a system that covers walls in an office that extend from ceiling to floor.

Our wide selection of office partitions for all types of offices can ensure you have the right look and functionality for your new office fitout.

We are specialists in building, installing and repairing wall partitioning systems for offices. We’ve completed dozens of projects across NSW and our experts will be able to provide you with information and advise you on the many different systems and options that may suit your needs.

Aluminium Office Partitions Full Installation

Aluminium office partitioning systems are very tough and very easy to install and have great flexibility when it comes to moving, removing and reinstalling partitions as needed. They can be bought as single units, or in complete sets, and are quick and easy to install.

All frames are available in a variety of colours to suit your requirements, and joins can also be finished by either installing cover trims or using a flush wall finish if necessary. Aluminium partitioning is very versatile and looks great when teamed with decorative shutters that are inserted into the wall cavity to give a great looking and stylish alternative to traditional window blinds that are easy to remove. This also allows you to have more space in the room and is very useful for creating more privacy.

7 Benefits Of Using Office Partitions

Partitions in offices are a flexible way to divide the work space and allow each department to have their own workspace.

Partitions on offices allow people to have separate working areas for different departments, and provide an integrated working environment for everyone. If it is tempting for you to think of putting in office partitions, here are some reasons that will convince you to do it.

  1. Office Partitions Can Be Constructed From a Variety of Materials – Including glass, plasterboard, and metal alloys. When it comes to office partitioning, these materials are preferable to concrete walls. Additionally, they can be treated to withstand the constant temperatures found in offices.
  2. They Encourage Quiet Working Conditions – Another advantage of partitioning an office is that it provides soundproof and private workspaces. Partitioning an office ensures that work areas are separated and is perfect for both small and large offices, as well as within departments.
  3. They Improve An Office’s Appearance – Office partitions add a touch of sophistication to the interior design of an office space in addition to serving a functional purpose. These partitions also have the benefit of being simple to maintain and clean. Additionally, they are available in a variety of designs and colours, or they can be made to order to suit individual preferences and the space in which they will be installed.
  4. Adding More Storage Space – Office partitions are useful because they can add extra storage for employees who use them.
  5. Making Navigation Simple for Visitors – Since partitions help to separate different departments, having them in an office makes it simple for visitors to find the office they’re looking for. Because the various partitions can be labelled according to their departments, clients can quickly locate the person they need to see.
  6. Enhanced Privacy – Compared to an open-plan office, office partitions offer a completely different level of privacy. They create distinct areas within the workplace, giving each employee their own customised space.
  7. Effective in Terms of Cost – A much more affordable option for dividing an office than building permanent walls is to use office partitions like wall partitions, glass partitions, wall dividers, and glass dividers.

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